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No More Tea? Doctors Orders!

Finally got to the bottom of an issue that has been effecting me for a few years.

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  1. Hi Sean, I have a very good friend who dealt with vertigo, hearing loss and buzzing, and the feelings of a “full head” for years. Finally, she was directed to the Heal Your Headache book by Dr. David Buchholz, y her specialist appointment n Los Angeles. Even though my friend did not suffer from typical headaches associated with migraines, this book absolutely changed her life. I reached out to her after watching your vlog and she also recommends http://www.dizzycook.com, and in the UK the Facebook page where everyone shares information – including people from the UK: “Migraine Strong – Migraine Diets, Healthy Living and More”. As you already know, vestibular migraines are not like other migraine types. My friend has finally found much relief, mostly by Specialist-directed careful diet and eliminated all of the foods you read out, plus quite a few more. Some medication. Once she had stabilized, she added the eliminated foods back in, one by one, removing them again if she began to feel poorly. Her “off limits” food list is now much shorter, and the Facebook page and website have given her so much practical information. Her situation was really awful…vertigo so bad she feared leaving the house, and reduced cognitive function, depression, etc. She very much wanted me to reach out to you ASAP. I hope you receive this unsolicited advice with the spirit with which is was intended! Tracy from NY.

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