Off to the trophy shop and infamous murder

Today I head to the trophy shop, find a new public garden space, check out London property prices, pop in to see George for a cuppa tea and sandwich then pass a scene of an unsolved murder.

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Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder website

Award-winning podcast: The Daniel Morgan Murder

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  1. Hi Sean, I believe that you get hot after eating is due to your body trying to burn the calories. The liver works very hard and produces heat. My problem is after eating my main meal in the evening my body gets jittery. I assume this is again the body working on the food and raising the blood sugar. I try to limit my carbohydrates which helps to limit my weight gain. Yes, I too have weight problems at the age of 75 but I still manage to do gardening every day.

  2. It’s called energy very normal after eating. Not sure if it would be more noticeable because you were extra hungry or ate more protein. I love your garden information. Kay I tried to donate but in U.S. not sure how the money works and don’t have pay-pal only a check card, so help me out if you know how.

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