Peas & Broad Beans Planted

What a beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine, it was good to feel a slightly warmth on the face. Quite a busy site today with everyone returning after the festive period.

Looking through my biodynamic calendar for January and I see that today, tomorrow and Monday are ‘Fruit Day’. Not in the traditional sense as you would imagine. Fruit days in biodynamics include peas and broad broads so I decide it was time to transplant them to their final growing positions.

Peas, v. Douce Provence. Sown October 28, 2020.

These peas were sown on October 28 last year and the variety Douce Provence. described them as “a very sweet, succulent variety which is extremely versatile. Consistent and reliable in habit it produces large crops of sweet and succulent peas on compact plants. A round seeded first early variety. Due to its hardiness Douce Provence can also be grown as an over-winter pea.”

I shall be cropped these from early May. Since the seeds were sown in the outdoor seed area next to the potting shed, they shouldn’t need to have gone through the hardening-off process. I will put some fleece over them just to give some protection against snow and the hardest of frosts.

Sowing the Peas back in October.

Next to these I transplanted the Broad Beans, v. Luz de Otono, a new one for me. From Thompson & Morgan, these describe it as “can be overwintered for early summer crops in the following year. Versatile and easy to grow, with good cold tolerance and resistance to soil borne diseases. Height: 90cm (36″). Spread: 45cm (18″).”

Sowing the Broad Beans back in October.

By the time I planted these everyone had left the site so I had the whole place to myself. Just me and the birds singing as a chill set over the garden. I headed for the shed and put the kettle on.

As I left home this morning I bumped into the postman and took delivery of my seed order from the Seed Co-operative. While I waited for the kettle to boil I made a video going through what seeds I’m going to grow this year. This will be on my YouTube channel in a few days.

Sean James Cameron
Sean James Cameron

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