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Plan Now for a Colourful Springtime

Spring bulbs are traditionally planted from September to December for flowering the following March and April. But if time catches up with you it is still possible to plant in January and even February.

Earlier this year I found my Spring Bulbs hidden in a cupboard during early January and I still achieved a stunning display a few weeks later in March and throughout April.

If you are planning on displays using pots be aware that they will need watering on a regular basis, even when you can’t see no sign of life emerging through the soil. If a hard frost is forecast it is advisable to move the pots to a sheltered spot until it passes.

This year I’m planting directly into the ground. Ever year I try and buy some new varieties, this year I’m going for Daffodil, v. Split-Corona Mongradon, Tulip, v. Single Late Queen of Night and Tulip v. Double Late Sunlover from Wilko at £2 per pack.

How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Bulbs need to be planted twice their own depth and displays work best when planted in groups of 3, 6, 9, 12 etc.

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  1. I really like your selection, the dark tulip and the other 2 in shades of peachy/orange. Before I got to the last line, I
    knew it was going to say you’d got them from Wilko’s!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! A fun job, no? Our ground freezes solid by November (Wisconsin, USA) so those bulbs need to be planned & planted well before Halloween. I do like your picks, I’ll probably lean toward purple hyacinths for the fragrance, but it’s hard to resist daffodils. I’ll get a sack of those for sure.
    I really love hardy mums in the fall, and have planted them several times, but they don’t regrow in the spring for me for some reason even though they’re supposed to. I’ll keep trying, they’re so valuable – very long-lasting when cut & in a vase. Do you have a spot where one could go? They’re perennials and should be excellent performers. I don’t know why I’m not swimming in friendly flowers!!

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