Planting Mondragon Daffodils

I’ve found in recent years that planting daffodils from now until mid-January is perfectly acceptable and will result in a great display in March and April.

The bulbs I planted today are Mondragon from Farmer Gracy who describe them as…

It’s nowhere near as scary as its name suggests, and this “mountain of the dragon” may not breathe fire, but Narcissus ‘Mondragon’ will indeed cast bright beams of colour and light across the garden from its huge 4 inch (10cm) blooms. A papillon or butterfly daffodil, Narcissus ‘Mondragon’ has a split gently ruffled cup in bright orange which spreads wide open on bright yellow-orange outer petals. Held aloft by tall green stems, this midseason split-corona daffodil will make a striking statement in your garden while also permeating the air with the scent of apples. This perennial butterfly daffodil actually attracts butterflies, while resisting critters.

Daffodils, v. Mondragon, and Polyanthus Stella Pheasant Eye.

I planted around 10 in front of the black fence adjacent to the herb bed. On top of the bulbs I planted a few Polyanthus Stella Pheasant Eye as maxi-plugs from J Parkers a few months ago.

Polyanthus, v. Stella Pheasant Eye with Daffodils, Mondragon beneath.

Sean James Cameron
Sean James Cameron

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  1. Neil
    Tuesday 5 January 2021 / 7:17 pm

    If i find a few bulbs later in year still pop them in – although i so look forward to planting my Daffs out – have some had great patches of Tenby daffodils over the years.

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