Planting Potatoes & Spring Clean

The first of the potatoes are planted biodynamically and with the arrival of Spring the shed needs a clean and replanning.



  1. Sunday 21 March 2021 / 10:15 pm

    It’s good to see things moving forward. Still raining A LOT here so haven’t finished filling the raised beds. Will probably get a little later start on planting in those but will come. Work on the shed has stalled because of the rain as well, so it goes. I am having a contractor come in and upgrade my electrical service to the house starting tomorrow so will have that done by end of day Tuesday and will hopefully focus more on the garden, shed and lawn as he finish out March.

    • SJC
      Monday 22 March 2021 / 7:53 am

      Hope it all goes well. We are expecting snow so I’m hoping once that comes and goes then we can really get on with the tasks.

  2. Margaret Gore
    Monday 22 March 2021 / 9:00 am

    Lovely video Sean.. I remember my dad growing Home Guard potatoes many years back… I thought I would try growing French beans this year for a change and have a big tub to put them in .. Usually I grow white flowered Runner beans , so it will be good to see what the harvest is like . .I can then use that space for something else.. Sunny day here and I have a border to weed , so I must get cracking . Have a good day Sean ..

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