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Chitting Potatoes // Image Sean James Cameron

Potatoes I’m Growing in 2020

I’ve decided to try quite a few new varieties in the potato beds during 2020. These are…


Plant March/April; Harvest July and August.
– Bred from the famed Pink Fir Apple, this outstanding variety is ready to harvest around 3 months earlier, so there is no need to wait for those firm, waxy tubers with that distinctive, rather nutty taste. Anya’s tubers are also smoother and much less knobbly perfect served peeled or unpeeled, hot or cold. Plants are highly resistant to scab.

Plant March/April; Harvest July and August.
– An award winning variety and a very distinctive 2nd early with delicious, creamy yellow flesh with a rich, sweet and buttery taste. New to the market, Elfe is ideal for boiling, makes wonderful mash and can also be baked.

Plant March/April; Harvest July and August.
– This classic early potato has a lovely flavour and waxy texture. The long, white skinned tubers have a firm, cream flesh. Can also be grown as a maincrop if desired.


Plant April/May; Harvest August to October.
– An excellent ‘all year rounder’ choice with delicious flavour. A perfect choice for a range of uses in the kitchen such as baking, boiling, steaming, roasting or frying! The tubers have shallow eyes making it easy to peel.

Plant April/May; Harvest August to October.
– A very striking potato! Small and round with a warm red skin dotted with cream with a lovely smooth texture. Scrubbed and cooked whole, Apache makes a delicious change from traditional roast potatoes. The contrasting colours stay bright if blanched before roasting whole in their skins, giving an excellent, almost sweet, buttery, chestnut flavour.

Plant April/May; Harvest August to October.
– Expect an excellent flavour which has already been highlighted in numerous third-party taste tests. Isle of Jura has medium dry matter with a smooth texture and boils extremely well. It is very versatile and can be baked and roasted, making delicious and easy wedges. It also makes fantastic mash. In addition, Isle of Jura has good disease resistance and is easy to grow.

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