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Project X

Project X

Project X was to recreate a Dig for Victory allotment on a new site. OK, I’m aware this is complicated so strap in.

At the start of the year I had 2 plots at the Railway Allotment. Due to my IBS and lack of toilet facilities I found a site further down the road which had better facilities. They had a 24/7 toilet, club house serving food every weekend, a monthly skip collection, shop, allowed bigger buildings and allowed three buildings (shed, greenhouse, polytunnel). I signed up and was given a plot. So at this stage the plan was to move to this site over the coming months and give up the Railway Allotment. Members on the Railway Allotment site suggested that I didn’t give up the second Railway Allotment until the end of the year, seeing as I had paid for a year.

New Lifestyle

When I started my new diet lifestyle I was surprised to find that my IBS disappeared. I visited the new site a few times but found that even though it was only 15 mins more on the bus, it was just a bit too far. The site has 400 plots on it and even in the short time I was there I discovered that having such a large site meant that the community were heavy handed with the rules, I expect they have to be with that many plots.

So where are we now?

The members on the Railway Allotment persuaded me to keep the second plot, so forget what I’ve said above and let’s go back to my situation in February. I’m on the Railway Allotment, so the plan is to run my Dig for Victory allotment on the second plot here.

The second half of The Railway Allotment.

Phew, are you still with me. I confuse myself, don’t worry about it. Sometimes it’s hard to see what a good thing you have until you go somewhere else.

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  1. Sean, in some ways I’m glad to hear that you’re keeping the second plot. I agree that sometimes we don’t realize how well we have it until we start looking at other places. I am so glad to hear that your IBS has disappeared. I’m looking forward to seeing how Project X develops.

    • Sean James Cameron

      Starts with a new shed! Yes, another one.

      • Dr. Gabriella Kadar

        I just watched the video for July and am a bit confused. Previously you said that you couldn’t have multiple
        sheds at this plot or am I imagining it? Plus there was a size limitation of 4 by 6 or something small like that.
        So now you’ve kept both and put up another shed?

        Good that the crappy situation has cleared up.

        I thought you were going to do physio for the back? Plus weight watchers.
        Lots of stuff to get done besides the plot…. Don’t get discouraged man. Put one
        foot in front of the other. That’s how the rest of us crips do it.

        My plot is only shy of 20 feet by 25 feet. It’s all jungled up the way I like it. I can do
        Richard Attenborough imitations about peering under the canopy and such like.
        The rabbits ate the green peas, lettuce, beans, (not all the beans), chawed down on
        the Liatris, Lupins, cilantro (if you can believe it), Gaillardia, Poppies!
        Orange Cosmos, Centaurea, Ironweed, sunflowers, Purple Tansy, Red Chard, Tatsoi, (but stayed
        clear of the mustard). Most things recovered. The peas did not. They even pruned the
        Sweet Peas (Lathyrus) which are toxic. Must have been very hungry. They Sweet peas are
        madly flowering along the fence. They are so strongly scented, heavenly.
        Mostly this year I’m growing flowers of all kinds (44) to entice pollinators. There’s huge tomato
        plants, pepper plants, garlic, onion, dill, parsley and minor other stuff like maybe bush beans.
        The tomato plants are now 6 feet tall monster covered in flowers and baby tomatoes. Yeah,
        I don’t remove ‘suckers’. Maybe I might be able to send you a picture but don’t know how.

        No sheds allowed. They don’t want vagrants sleeping in sheds. Supposedly.

        • Sean James Cameron

          I’m renting two plot which are next door to each other so can have two sheds. I applied for the new shed and explained why I needed it and the powers that be approved it. I had physio for the back but that didn’t get rid of the problem. Went to Weight Watchers but it didn’t do much for me as they didn’t teach about right/wrong foods. Since doing The Fast 800 lifestyle the weight has dropped off and staying off. We don’t have rabbits here, sounds a nightmare.

  2. Awesome news. So glad you’re on the mend too.

  3. This is excellent news that the new diet is working. I cant wait to see the Dig For Victory allotment take shape.

  4. I’m keeping up with you …just! Well all’s well that ends well..Good to hear your health has improved with a diet change..you are the shed meister haha.Moving forward hope all your future plans come good…best wishes from Helen

  5. Ah. I get it now. I predict you’ll have not only the new shed but as soon as you can scrape the funds together you’ll muster up a greenhouse as well?

  6. I look forward to seeing how the Dig For Victory garden develops.

  7. Are you still doing weight watchers or are you trying something else that helped with the IBS?

  8. Gabriella Kadar

    What’s going on? Everything has been deleted. I was trying to watch your previous videos and they are all gone.

    • Sean James Cameron

      YouTube deleted my channel earlier today without any warning or reason. I’ve emailed them for the past few hours but can’t get any answers. Not sure how to continue.

  9. Hi Sean. Did changing to plant based milk help? It did for me xx

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