Seeds ordered for 2021

For 2021 I’m trying a new seed supplier. Based in Spalding (Lincolnshire), the Seed Co-Operative sells biodynamic and organic seeds. If my plan is to grow following biodynamic methods then I feel having biodynamic seeds would be a great basis to start.

My seed order came to £63.30, this is only for vegetables. I may get biodynamic flower seeds but I’ll decide that later.

2021 Seeds

Broad Beans, v. Express
Climbing French Beans, v. Blue Lake
Runner Beans, v. Desiree
Beetroot, v. Boltardy
Broccoli, Green Calabrese
Brussels Sprouts, v. Groninger
Savoy Cabbage, v. Westlandse Putjes
White Cabbage, v. Derby Day
Carrots, v. Oxhella
Cauliflower, v. Autumn Glory
Celeriac, v. Ibis
Corn Salad, v. Elan
Cucumber, v. Tanja
Kale, v. Red Russian
Kohl Rabi, v. Azur Star
Leeks, v. King Richard
Cos Lettuce, Little Leprechaun
Melon, v. Ogen
Onions, v. Robelja
Onions, v. Ischikrona
Parsnips, v. Halblange White
Peas, v. Kelvedon Wonder
Peas, v. Ambassador
Salad Green, v. Wild Rocket
Spinach, v. New Zealand Spinach
Squash, v. Butternut Waltham
Swede, v. Wilhelmsburger
Sweetcorn, v. True Gold

Sean James Cameron
Sean James Cameron

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  1. Neil
    Tuesday 5 January 2021 / 6:06 pm

    Good choice Sean – i’ve not heard of this company – but pretty reasonable price for all those. Looking forward to growing Spinach Matador and more butternut squash this year – best of luck. Neil ( Eastbourne)

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