Sowing Seeds Galore!

It’s been a busy week of seed sowing this week. Biodynamic principles are that you sow seeds in the 7 days prior to a Full Moon. Also started constructing the compost toilet.

My trip to Manchester in 2015.



  1. Margaret Gore
    Monday 29 March 2021 / 3:28 pm

    Nice video as always Sean.. I hope all your seeds come through .. . I grew some Cobaea last year and planted just 2 in my greenhouse and they went bonkers, climbing out of the skylights and the door. They were amazing . I think you will love them . .They need some sturdy support .. I did save some seed , so will sow some more this year . .Beautiful day here near Weymouth..

  2. Indira Rimkeit
    Monday 29 March 2021 / 7:32 pm

    Hi Sean, Since I’m in California, I got the Maria Thun North American Biodynamic Calendar. I divided all the plants I’m growing by their category, and started following the calendar. For example, yesterday I planted out some Jerusalem artichokes and onion sets, sowed some beet and burdock seeds. This is very helpful I think.

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