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Spinach, Bench & No Dig Bed | Ep711 Sean’s Allotment Garden

I’m off to the shop to spend my vouchers that I won at the annual village show. A new no-dig bed is started and spinach is planted. In the shed plans are started for a new bench and a new gate is installed outside. Seeds are saved of the Everlasting Strawflowers and apple seeds are sown.

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  1. Your garden is looking really lovely Sean. I love the back ground music on your recent video’s. I mailed a post card to you a week or so ago. Its very difficult to find post cards these days and none with a gardening themes. I’ll keep searching though. Autumn blessings to you and happy gardening.

  2. Wow’ your plot is really looking nice. All that bark in the paths will help keep the mud down when it rains. You might want to keep that piece of wood you cut off the floor, trim it a little bit and nail it to the door to keep the rodents out. That way there won’t be a gap for them to get in. It’s so nasty when they get in and there’s droppings all over not to mention they chew every thing up. They can find the smallest hole and chew it into a wonderful entrance with a welcome sign for all their friends in one night!! Keep up the good work. We have an early snow storm forecasted for here in Montana starting tomorrow!! Not happy about that as our summer was very short!!

  3. Enjoyed your video, thanks. Shed area is shaping up nicely. That bench/storage unit is a great idea.

  4. Hi Sean I have grown an apple tree from seeds, I nearly cut it down two years ago because the apples although sweet had no juice, this year it is beautiful and juicy it tastes like a juicy russet, it a green apple that turns a slight yellow the birds love it I planted it more than 17 years ago.
    Love your plot your no dig raised bed will be successful but watch out for the weeds. Thanks for the video.

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