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Potato leaves effected by an overnight frost in May (Photo: Sean James Cameron)

POTATOES: What to do with frosted leaves?

Even if you are on top of 'earthing-up' your potatoes there is still a chance of them being effected by a snap frost. If your potatoes have been blackened by the frost I leave them as they are. I've heard of some gardeners cutting the dead foliage off but for me I leave it there using the train of thought that it protects the new ...

Tree Spinach / Photo: Sean James Cameron

The 6ft Spinach Plant

Try something different this year with this spinach plant which grows to 2m (6ft) tall!

It's May and the potatoes need earthing up. / Photo: Sean James Cameron

POTATOES: Earthing Up – Why you should do it for a bumper harvest

When the potatoes shoots are through the soil and around 10cm tall, it's time to "earth up" the crop - basically covering all the leaves with soil. This can be done by using a bag of compost and putting it on top of the leaves or by raking soil onto the leaves from in between the potato rows. How often do you earth-up potatoes? Earth ...