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Hot Hole

By 4:10am I was awake and listening to the dawn chorus tuning up outside the bedroom window (listen to the birds sings). The day started off quite chilly despite the forecast of "a very hot day across London" on the radio. After breakfast and feeding the cats I started the journey to the allotment. Arriving a little after 7am I discovered that I wasn't the ...

Asparagus, Lavender & Blueberries

The asparagus has produced amazing results having only been planted 10 days ago; blueberries are potted on and the lavender hedge has started to be planted. The asparagus came from https://www.blackmoor.co.uk which is the same estate where Harry Dodson started his career.

My CT Scan Experience

Went for my CT scan this week, the actual scan went well but it was the hours afterwards that felt weird.