Fruit and Chocolate Breakfast

Because this breakfast is part of an overall plan tailored to my needs, the recipe also calls for protein powder but I add/subtract this depending on what other meals I’m having throughout the day.

15g Protein powder
290g Skyr, 0,2% fat, natural
½ pcs (55g) Banana
60g Blueberries
10g Chocolate, 60%
5 pcs (70g) Strawberries
11 pcs (10g) Almonds
5g Agave syrup

Protein: 48g Carbs: 50g Fat: 11g

1. Add the skyr and protein powder to a bowl and mix well.

2. Rinse the berries. Peel and chop the banana. Chop the almonds and chocolate.

3. Top the skyr with the cut fruit, nuts, chopped chocolate and syrup.

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