A week of planning ahead

This week has all been about Friday. Working with the biodynamic calendar, Friday 26 November, is a good day for planting fruit and as you know, I’ve got a lot of fruit to plant.

All week I’ve been working out the best positions for all the fruit. This has involved making a decision to move the compost bins and I’ve started the slow process of cutting out a wedge in the side bank of soil just down from the rectory wall.

It’s been a beautiful week for weather. Nice sunny days until 3pm when the temperature drops dramatically. Now it’s Friday and it’s raining but promises to clear up this afternoon so am hopefully of getting to the garden to plant the fruit.

A large section of this bank needs to be dug away before the compost bins can be placed here
Magnolia ‘Betty’

The area behind the compost bins will have Magnolia ‘Betty’ growing there so I’ve taken out most of the ash trees there to give more space to the magnolia and an ornamental cherry tree I found hidden amongst them.

Autumnal sunrise
Afternoon tea on a friends allotment

Mid-week I called in for tea with an allotment friend and chewed the fat about the weather and the gardening year ahead. For next year I’ve decided that my Potato varieties will be Duke of York (First Early), Maris Peer (Second Early) and Pentland Crown (Main Crop) with Onions Sutron and Red Baron together with Shallots Golden Gourmet and Red Sun – which all comes to £20.20. Tell me in the comments below what varieties you are growing next year.

Sunset over the allotments

In other news…

The Surrey Hills by Richard Vobes

A beautiful video I’ve watched this week on YouTube is by Richard Vobes, The Bald Explorer. He and his friend Marc English went for a walk across the Surrey Hills and saw some wonderful views. If you have time check it out…

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