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Winning at the Allotment Show

We’ve had the annual allotment flower and vegetable show. As we are a pretty small site the show is more about having fun rather than taking the competition seriously.

The only exhibits which I had planned ahead was the classes ‘Best Victoria Sponge’ and ‘Vegetable or Fruit Based Drink’ which I did Elderberry Cordial, another classes I entered were dependant on what was available on the day. Therefore I entered ‘Plate of 5 Potatoes’ and ‘Dish of Stone Fruit’.


Best Victoria Sponge – 1st
Vegetable or Fruit Based Drink – Elderberry Cordial – 2nd
Dish of Stone Fruit – Plums – 2nd
Plate of 5 Potatoes – 2nd

Fun for All

In addition to the flower and vegetable show we had snail races and duck races plus BBQ, raffle and auction. It really was a great day to have fun and meet new plot holders.

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  1. Well done Sean.Thats the kind of competition I like..just for fun.I once won 1st for the straightest Runner Bean 😁

  2. Way to go Sean!! Congrats! It’s nice to have a bit of fun, with friends and hey, why not win a prize (or four) while you’re at it!! 😉 Love the snail race sign, too!! 👍🏻 Have an awesome weekend!!! 💚 💙 💜

  3. That sounds great fun and very pleasant.

  4. I hate to admit that I had to look up what Victoria Sponge is.
    Soft cake slices with jam in between?
    Well, that sounds like a decent use of jam, which I don’t normally eat!

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