Month: May 2020

Thompson & Morgan Plants (Gardening Review)

Update to this video: On June 1 representatives from Thompson and Morgan contacted me about this video to offer a refund and apologies for the quality which came from a third party, "As you must realise, as a company, we don’t grow every plant that we sell and so we will be raising the issue you describe in your video with our suppliers." On June ...

Making floor plan notes

These are just a few thoughts about a possible layout of my 'tiny house'. Note this is only the first draft and will change many times before becoming reality. Am just posting it here mainly so I know where to find it in the future but feel free to have a look and make comments below.

Scene from Trout & Coffee

My favourite YouTube channels

Like you I'm subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels but there are very few that I actively wait for new videos. I've listed my current top channels, you may notice how my own videos have been influenced by these creators..., tell me in the comments below what are your top YouTube channels. TROUT & COFFEE Kyle lives in small town America, his ...

Winter Squash, potato varieties in May. Photo: Sean James Cameron

Winter Squash (Potato varieties)

Billed as 'Low in calories', 'A good source of iron and potassium' and 'A great alternative to potatoes'. Potting on the seeds of a new Winter Squash, varieties Mashed Potatoes and Baked Potatoes. Available from Thompson and Morgan these new squash are described as ‘low in carbs and high in fibre. Up to 80% fewer calories and 75% less carbohydrates than potato.” Really looking forward ...

Runner beans growing in a garden

Runner Beans

Runner Beans don't like frost so don't plant out until your final frost has passed. Can be sown indoors during April/May or directly outside in May, June and July. Harvest during July, August, September until the first frost of the year.

Hot Hole

By 4:10am I was awake and listening to the dawn chorus tuning up outside the bedroom window (listen to the birds sings). The day started off quite chilly despite the forecast of "a very hot day across London" on the radio. After breakfast and feeding the cats I started the journey to the allotment. Arriving a little after 7am I discovered that I wasn't the ...

Potato leaves effected by an overnight frost in May (Photo: Sean James Cameron)

POTATOES: What to do with frosted leaves?

Even if you are on top of 'earthing-up' your potatoes there is still a chance of them being effected by a snap frost. If your potatoes have been blackened by the frost I leave them as they are. I've heard of some gardeners cutting the dead foliage off but for me I leave it there using the train of thought that it protects the new ...

Protect Plants this Weekend from Arctic Blast

Temperatures will rise over the next few days as high pressure drifts to the east, dragging warm air up from the south. However, arctic air will push down from the north, turning things much colder through the weekend 🌡— Met Office (@metoffice) May 6, 2020 The Met Office are reporting an arctic blast to cover the majority of the United Kingdom this weekend, starting ...

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